The Conference

In order to be part of the first ever digital music conference from May 29-31, you MUST register at We will have panels for beginning musicians, advanced, Entrepreneurship, and more to come..

The conference itslef will run between May 29-31 via – MAKE SURE YOU GO THERE TO SIGN UP! However, through our digital music conference site, you will be able to attain information from anywhere in the world via live streaming. Thus, bringing a music conference right to your digital device. Opportunities will also be available to ask questions to industry artists and professionals, gain information from industry professionals, and more. You will have access to services (i.e. Artist Packaging, EPK’s, Distro Groups, Graphic Designers, Web Developers, Branding & Marketing Professionals, Promo Packages, Custom Beats, etc.), counseling, feedback, producers, exclusive artist merch, collaboration opportunities, book a feature for your new project and many more exclusive Digital Music Conference perks to help you be more educated, knowledgeable and tool kits all in an easy to use platform and what’s best; you get access to all of this in a one stop shop! Welcome to!